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Our POLYFORT is a sinterpressed homopolymer polypropylene which, due to its high resilience and excellent impact resistance, has been designed to serve as a support base (cepos, suajes) for die cutting machines for leather, footwear, textiles and for all types of industrial cutting machinery in general.
Its crystalline structure provides a good balance between rigidity, planimetry, resistance to impacts and contact with chemicals.
Depending on the type of product to be die cut, polypropylene is present in different hardness values.
We have an extensive variety of measures and thicknesses that cover all the needs of the market, as well as the possibility of providing the cutting pads to customer demand.
Our POLYFORT press plates are subjected to exhaustive controls with the latest technology to ensure the quality of the final product, which is attested by the customers we supply around the world.


POLYFORT NATURAL is a pressed polypropylene homopolymer. With its excellent properties is specially recommended for the cutting industry as a support base ( die cut, suajes, ceppi trancia).
With a Shore hardness of D76 it is the toughest of our POLYFORT products.

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POLYFORT COLOR is a pressed polypropylene homopolymer designed to serve as a support base for manual cutting or industrial cutting machinery in general (die / die cutter, suaje/suajadora, trancia).

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  • Natural
  • Confetti multicolour
  • GREY 7040
  • Green - Ral 6024
  • Brownred - RAL 3020
  • Black
(*) Otros colores: consultar
Thickness 8 / 80 mm

900 x 450
1000 x 500
1200 x 500
1600 x 500
2000 x 500

* Other format / thickness please consult us

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Hardness
  • Planimetría
  • Recuperación elástica
  • Good impact resistance
  • Good mechanical resistance
  • Rigidity


Footwear and Textile Industry

Footwear and Textile Industry

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